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The best products for economic enemas at home

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An enema is recommended after a liver cleanse, to properly evacuate the rejects. For more information on enemas, please consult the available documentation, including the information website which details this technique.

Naturaweb-shop offers you its trio for an optimal efficiency:

Protection case containing one of the most practical and resistant enemas pockets we can find, as well as all the accessories allowing its use. Composition:
- Protection case and instructions for use.
- 2 liter capacity enemas bag with 2 cannulas and stopcock.
- Metal hook with large opening.
- 0.1°C precision digital thermometer for liquid temperature control.

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The most practical kit for enemas at home:
2 liters enemas bag with stopcock, fixing hook, thermometer and instructions
Reference : LVT001
Immediate availability
16,10 € 23,00 €
Video about self-massage of the belly at the bottom of the information website page

Caffeine, taken during an enema, dilates the blood vessels and the bile ducts, thus making possible the evacuation of the toxins. It also stimulates the enzyme system that will neutralize free radicals, sources of oxidation of cells. Our soluble green coffee, Arabica of high quality, BIO and without GMO, is simply diluted in water: 1 sachet per enema.
Several packaging for your soluble coffee:

Organic and without GMO
1 sachet = 1 dose
For tasting or enemas
Refrence : LVT200
Immediate availability
13,09 € 18,70 €
During the green coffee enema, during the fluid retention time, it is advisable to apply on our right side (the side of the liver) a source of heat to help the liver to work. The hot water bottle of our childhood is perfect for that purpose.
A little trick: do not fill it completely and purge the air, so that it can marry the body shapes.
Capacity 2 liters
Nerves on both sides
Reference : LVT410
This product is unavailable.
7,70 €
You want to order our trio ?
We propose you the enemas pack which gathers under a sole reference:
    - The enemas case
    - 10 bags of soluble green BIO coffee for coffee enemas
    - The bilamellar red hot water bottle

As a gift with your order of the enemas pack
With the enema pack, receive as a gift 1 sachet of 110 gr of magnesium sulfate. This sachet corresponds to 21 teaspoons (21 * 5gr = 105 gr) needed to clean the intestines (small and large) in preparation for liver cleansing, according to the A.Moritz's protocol.

Magnesium sulfate sample
Enemas case
10 sachets of soluble green coffee
Bilamellar hot watter bottle
gift = magnesium sulfate
Reference : LVT611
This product is unavailable.
49,40 €
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