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The most efficient and complete enema pack + gift

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Nécessaire complet pour lavements au café vert BIO
Enemas pack
Reference: LVT611
Enemas case +
10 sachets of soluble organic coffee +
red hot water bottle
Magnesium sufate offered as a gift
Immediate availability
49,40 €

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Composition of the enemas pack
1 enemas case
10 sachets of soluble organic green coffee
1 bilamellar hot-water bottle
+ as a gift 1 sachet of 110 gr of magnesium sufate. This sachet corresponds to the 21 teaspoons (21 * 5gr = 105 gr) recommended by A.Moritz to clean the intestines by laxative effect prior to cleansing the liver.

See the details of the products in our product sheets:

2 liters enemas bag with stopcock, fixing hook, thermometer and instructions
Reference : LVT001
Immediate availability
23,00 €
Capacity 2 liters
Nerves on both sides
Reference : LVT410
Immediate availability
7,70 €
Organic and without GMO
1 sachet = 1 dose
For tasting or enemas
Refrence : LVT200
Immediate availability
18,70 €
As a gift with your order of the enemas pack
magnesium sulfate sample
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