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Who are we ?

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My name is Denis LECOURIEUX and I am the author of the site www.iraisemyhealth.info created in 2010 and dedicated to liver and intestinal cleansing.

You are several tens of thousands to consult agirsante.fr every month (as well as its translations mejoratusalud.news and iraisemyhealth.info) and you have asked me very often, in recent years, where to find the products necessary, with two main concerns:
- How to make the right choice among all the available Internet offer? For example, we can find non-food quality magnesium sulphate, intended for external use only and not for liver cleanse.
- How to avoid multiple shipping costs, when you want to buy the best product in the best place?

As you are numerous, every month, wanting to start liver cleanser, we decided in 2017 to open Naturaweb-shop to provide this service. We have selected the best European suppliers for each of the products offered on Naturaweb-shop.com. If you had to go buy each product of our 7 liver cleanses kit, in as many different places, in France and Europe, know that you would already pay, just shipping, about 2/3 of the price asked for this kit .

www.naturaweb-shop.com is not a generalist, here you will only find the essential.

Naturaweb-shop  is:

- The guarantee of having good products, controlled by someone who knows them for years.
- A competitive price for every retail product and unbeatable for the 7 liver cleanses kit.
- Simplicity of purchase and economy on the transport: no need to order in several places to obtain the best.
- A secure online payment by PayPal and an exclusive Colissimo delivery European Union (sorry for our Swiss friends).

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