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Questions and answers

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     Question: What will you do with my details (name, address, telephone, email ...)?

Answer Naturaweb-shop: Nothing, we do not do any marketing and do not manage customer file. Your delivery / billing details are only recorded in our accounts, which is a legal requirement. By ordering on, you are assured that you will not feed databases that may bother you later.

       Question: Why does your website don't look like the others?

Answer Naturaweb-shop: Most online sales sites are made by web professionals, who often use the same tools, hence similar visuals. To reduce our costs, our website is built and maintained internally and we do not take care of web presentation standards. The clarity of the information and decision support for your product choices, are the only points important to us.

      Question : Why are you known?

Answer Naturaweb-shop: was created to meet the demand of the many visitors of the site (and its translations and and we are very specialized on few references. The quality of our products, the interest of our prices and the serious of our deliveries did the rest.

       Question : A small structure can hardly fight against big ones, how do you do?

Answer Naturaweb-shop: We are indeed a small French company and our recipe is simple: Quality products purchased from the best European suppliers and large volumes of purchases that allow us to get low prices. Add to this reduced costs because no shareholder, a no-frills website and optimized logistics.

      Question : Why do not you ship Switzerland? it would not cost you more than Spain or England.

Answer Naturaweb-shop: The price of transport would be the same, but Switzerland is not part of the European Union and sales to this country must be accompanied by export forms. We are not computerized enough to generate them automatically and filling them by hand would increase our cost too much. For border workers, the solution is to be delivered outside Switzerland.
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