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2 liters red hot water bottle. Bilamellar quality

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bilamellar red hot water bottle
Reference: LVT410
Capacity 2 liters
Nerves on both sides
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7,70 €

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Why opting for Naturaweb-shop ?
Two advantages to order your hot water bottle on Naturaweb-shop:
- By buying it with the enemas case, its cost of transport will be included in your order.
- Included in the enemas pack, it will allows you to receive the free dose of magnesium sulfate recommended by A.Moritz to clean the intestines (small and large) by laxative effect, prior to do liver cleanses.
A hot water bottle for what?
The hot water bottle is recommended to provide a source of heat during coffee enemas. Applied on the right side (the side of the liver), its heat on the liver will promote the work of detox that caffeine has caused.
Capacity 2 liters
Nerves on both sides
Reference : LVT410
Immediate availability
7,70 €
Instructions and safety instructions
For an extended life, we recommend the following advices:
- Do not use boiling water and fill the hot-water bottle until 3/4
- Before closing it with the cap, let the steam out
- Dry the hot water bottle and keep it away from heat sources

Indications for the safe use of the hot water bottle:
- Fill with water at a maximum temperature of 45 ° C
- Avoid compressing the hot water bottle during use
- The hot water bottle must be kept at a temperature between 10 ° C and 25 ° C
- Before any use, always check the general condition of the rubber, the good screwing of the plug and the general waterproofness

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