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Economical kit for 7 liver cleanse for Clark and Moritz method

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7 liver cleanses kit
7 liver cleanses kit
Reference: NFE007
Ideal for starting liver cleansings, the kit contains: magnesium sulfate, black walnut hull tincture (juglans nigra), ornithine and malic acid.
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Why opting for Naturaweb-shop ?
We have selected, each in their field, the best European suppliers to build this kit. It is composed of everything necessary (with the exception of olive oil and grapefruit) to carry out liver cleansings according to the Moritz method and to carry out the period of 3 weeks of preparation of the intestines + 7 livers cleanses for one person:
- 1 jar with screwing lid of 600 grams of magnesium sulfate with measuring spoon 15 grams
- 1 glass dropper bottle of 60 milliliters of extra-strong tincture of black walnut Juglans Nigra
- 1 box of 80 capsules of ornithine dosed with 500 milligrams, vegetable HPMC capsules
- 1 jar with screwing lid of 250 grams of malic acid with double dosing spoon
For malic acid and magnesium sulfate, Naturaweb-shop has chosen a quality packaging facilitating the use (jar with screwing lid) and ensuring the best preservation of the product thanks to the shutter complementary to the lid (enhanced sealing to odor and humidity). These two products are delivered with the dosing spoons guaranteeing the respect of the doses recommended by A.Moritz in his protocol, see the product sheets malic acid and magnesium sulfate.
Operating instructions
You will find on the information website all the useful information concerning the liver cleanse, including the complete operating instructions available on page:

See below the details of the products of the kit and their use in the context of liver cleansing.
Composition of the 7 liver cleanses kit
Extra-strong tincture
60 ml = 2oz
Reference : NFE910
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17,50 €
80 vegetable HPMC capsules of 500 mg
Reference : NFE911
Immediate availability
13,16 € 18,80 €
Medical quality
Internal or external use
Jar of 600 gr
Reference : NFE518
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6,96 € 9,95 €
Fine powder
Jar of 250 gr
Reference : NFE296
This product is unavailable.
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
11,90 €
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