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L-ornithine GMO-free in pill box of 80 capsules HPMC of 500 mg

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Reference: NFE911
L-Ornithine 500 mg
Amino acid C5H12N2O2
80 vegetable HPMC capsule
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Expected use of the product
Product to be protected from humidity and heat (max 25 ° C)
Daily dose: 1 capsule daily 20 minutes before the meal
Consumers: teenagers and adults
Do not exceed the recommended dose. No prolonged use without medical advice. Keep out of reach of children
Indications for liver cleanse Clark / Moritz method
Open and pour the contents of 5 to 10 capsules (according to felt), ie 2.5 to 5 grams of ornithine, in the oil mixture of 22:00. See the operating instructions available on www.iraisemyhealth.info
For more information
Ornithine (2,5-diaminopentanoic acid, also called ornithuric acid) is an amino acid that is not encoded by the genetic code, and therefore does not belong to the protein composition. Ornithine is formed from L-glutamate, in plants, and L-arginine, in animals, where it appears in the urea cycle.
The urea cycle, or ornithine cycle, is a cycle of biochemical reactions in various animals that produce urea from ammonia. This is the first metabolic cycle identified in 1932 by Krebs and Hensenleit. This cycle takes place in the liver, in periportal hepatocytes ... The urea cycle is used by the body to detoxify it with ammonia, a neurotoxic molecule.

Ornithine improves insomnia problems and nocturnal awakenings.
Suitable for athletes: increases muscle mass, breaks down fat, increases energy production (ATP), decreases lactic acid production, facilitates recovery.
Suitable for age-related muscle loss or convalescence
80 vegetable HPMC capsules of 500 mg
Reference : NFE911
Immediate availability
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18,80 €
Technical precisions
Product Description:
General Description: Oblong capsule containing L-ORNITHINE. Amino acid.
L-ORNITHINE 500mg, vegetable HPMC capsule 116mg, total 616mg
Physico-chemical characteristics: Ph 7 Gel 0
Composition: L-ORNITHINE
Total mesophilic germs: <= 1000 CFU / g
Yeasts and molds: <= 100 CFU / g
E. coli: absent in 25 g
Staph. aureus: absent in 25 g
Salmonella: absent in 25 g
Pseudomonas aeruginosa: absent in 25 g
Mycotoxins: absent
Pasticides: absent
Allergens: absent
Heavy metals: absent
Dioxin / PCB: absent
GMO: no GMOs
Radiation: no irradiation or ionization of the product
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