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Linden sapwood tilia sylvestris (cordata) in eco bag 500 gr

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Linden sapwood
Reference: NRN500
Linden sapwood cut tilia sylvestris
(Synonym tilia cordata)
Net weight: 500 grams
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Linden sapwood tilia sylvestris (synonym tilia cordata), the best product quality.
Cutted into small pieces, for a perfect extraction of the active ingredients during use.
100% natural vegetable raw material, guaranteed without additives after harvest, from France Roussillon, France and Europe origin.
Preparation of linden sapwood
Put about 40 grams of linden sapwood in a saucepan containing 1 liter of water. 40 grams correspond to the quantity in the table glass of the photo in this paragraph. Boil gently (about 15-20 minutes) until the liquid is reduced by a quarter. After this operation, filter the liquid and there are three quarters of a liter of herbal tea, or 4 glasses, to drink hot or cold, during or between meals.
These three-quarters of a liter must be taken during the day, for five successive days. We then continue with two glasses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for the next ten or fifteen days.

Use of 500 grams:
- 5 days * 40 grams = 200 grams. Or 4 glasses per day.
- 15 days * 20 grams = 300 grams. Or 2 glasses per day.
For the 15 days, we can continue to prepare the herbal tea by 40 grams and divide the intake over two days.
Tilia sylvestris (tilia cordata)
500 grams
Reference : NRN500
Immediate availability
19,00 €
More information
"The fact that it is an excellent natural drainer, completely harmless, designates it for the periodic" refurbishment "of our organism that modern life requires. Biologists and doctors agree that we are all intoxicated because we breathe badly, work too much and don't know how to eat. Due to the lack of oxygen and physical exercises, we no longer manage to burn our waste which ends up accumulating and clogging our machine, because our organs disposal are overwhelmed.
Hence the interest in maintenance cures with linden sapwood - a glass morning and evening - which rids the blood of its toxins and facilitates the work of cleaning the kidneys and bladder (...) This action drainage is confirmed by the results recorded in cases of urea, diabetes, albumin and even colibacillosis. "
Source: "Tous les espoirs de guériri", by Jean Palaiseul at Robert Laffont. 1974 Edition

The linden sapwood is harvested at the precise time of the year when the sap is rising.
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